Any paying member of the club has the ability to use the track for practice at any time. It is important that some rules are followed when using the track.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Covid-19, the track is only open for practice on a club organised Social Karting Event.  

Drivers can only be on track with drivers of the same age group meaning Cadets (7-12) with Cadets, Juniors(13-16) with Juniors and Seniors (16+) with Seniors. Under no circumstances can different age groups be on track together.

OUT grid

The Out Grid is the area where drivers and their karts line up and prepare to go out on track. During a race weekend the Out Grid is used as a dummy grid where drivers will line up in there starting order and prepare to start a race. 

It is important that drivers use the Out Grid as the only place to enter the track.

in grid & Scales Shed

The In Grid is where drivers leave the the track once a session or race is completed. The scales shed is also located with the In Grid and is where drivers and their karts are weighed after a race to check that they meet the minimum weight for their class.

It is important that drivers should only leave the track via the In Grid after their session is complete.