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 nwkc Classifieds

To list on the NWKC Classifieds you must be a member of the NWKC site,

How to add classifieds to your account


1 -Email the NWKC secretary at and provide the email you used for your site membership, the NWKC will initiate the required permissions on your account to be able to publish classifieds.

2 - You will receive an email inviting you to collaborate on our site. Once this is accepted you are able to publish to the classifieds. 

How to publish a listing

  • On the NWKC WEBSITE, Log in to your account and choose “Classified Listings”  (via the login screen in top right corner, click the arrow)

  • At the top of the page select “Create a post”

  • Create your headline, type your listing and add between 1 and 5 photos by clicking “add a photo” or “Add a gallery” icons from the circled + in the top left. NO other icons can be used for classifieds

  • Click “post Settings” in the top right , then choose “categories” and select ONE of either

    • NWKC Classifieds Karts

    • NWKC Classifieds Parts

    • NWKC Classifieds Equipment

And then click “save”

  • Ensure you listing is correct and select “Submit for review”

    • All classifieds will require approving before being shown on the website.

  • Once submitted you listing will be shown in the “pending review” section and show in the “published” section once approved





















To help the NWKC classifieds remain tidy and relevant please delete your listing once it has sold by opening the listing and clicking the 3 dots in the top right and choosing “move to trash”

NWKC Classified Terms and Conditions

Listings must

  1. Have a heading describing the item 

  2. Describe the item, accurately and truthfully

  3. Provide at least one clear picture

  4. Contain your name and contact details

Listing must NOT:

  1. Contain more than 5 images.

  2. Utilise any feature on the bottom toolbar except the “add a photo” or “Add a gallery” icons

  3. Misrepresent a product

  4. Be a copy or similar listing of your already listed item


  • By creating a listing you consent for the NWKC to use details and images contained in your listing for any future use that the NWKC wish to do so. Including the promotion and/or publication of material outside of the classifieds section

  • All listings must be relevant and suitable for the use of karters associated with our club and our activities. (eg no dirt karts or home made buggies)

  • Dealer listings are typically not permitted however Local Dealers are permitted to list second hand or clearance items

  • The NWKC reserves the right to not approve a listing for any reason it see fit and does not need to provide any reason to the lister

  • Failure to adhere to the NWKC rule will see your permissions to list items removed

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