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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I contact the NWKC ?

Click here for the NWKC Contact page

How can I practice at the NWKC Venue?

Practice at the NWKC outside of a race meeting is only possible by registering prior to attending for a Social Karting Activity listed on the club’s website

There are two types of social karting activities, Social Karting Events or Private Practice Events

What is a Social Karting Event?

The NWKC host the event and organize all the required officials and administrative tasks, At an event with significant amount of bookings the official may utilize the PA system. A social karting event operates much like a race meeting and is aimed at hosting large amounts of participants within a structured controlled environment.

If bookings are sufficient in advance the canteen may be open.

What is Private Practice?

Private Practice is an event ( a type of social karting activity) where a NWKC Approved KAC (or multiple) will organize and officiate an event for any KA licensed participants they wish to take responsibility for at any time the track is open. These events are still controlled and adhere to the NWKC and KA rules but are aimed at small groups that wish to practice with a less formal structure on practice order and the need for the PA system or operation of the club canteen. They are still events and still operate under the KA rules ensuring the club, participants and spectators are covered under the KA insurance policies

Do I have to book to use the venue?

Yes you must book on the NWKC website or App if you wish to participate in an event. We also ask a few follow up question that enables the NWKC to accurately collect the required data to allow the NWKC to better manage the venue and its usage. Data is also utilized in the understanding of the venues current and future requirements including usage in current and future grant and planning applications.

How do we access the venue?

NWKC Approved KAC have access to the NWKC venue via an electronic lock linked to the members account on their phone.

What are track opening times?

Sun       9am to 6 pm

Mon      9am to 6 pm

Tue       9am to 6 pm

Wed      9am to 6 pm

Thurs   9am to 6 pm

Fri        9am to 8 pm

Sat       9am to 8 pm

These time may change due to other activities at the track. If the online system doesn't have a time listed it is not available for the activity requested.


Can I hold a Private Practice Event?

If you are a NWKC Approved KAC you request the NWKC to setup an event and be the official in command at anytime the track schedule permits. The request need to be made 3 full days prior to the event date to allow the NWKC to setup the event in KOMP.

What is a NWKC Approved KAC?

A NWKC Approved KAC is a NWKC member that has been approved by the NWKC Board after meeting the criteria set out by the NWKC. The criteria ensure any members holding events at the NWKC venue are fully aware of their responsibilities in undertaking the role and suitably trained to undertake the position. Details of the NWKC Approved KAC Requirements, Roles and Responsibilities can be found in the NWKC Approved KAC policy (NWKC M0008) on the NWKC websites documents page.

How do I become a NWKC Approved KAC?

Firstly, you must obtain your KA Level 5 (or higher) officials accreditation. You will also need to have a WWVP cards and have completed all the current Karting Australia KAC courses in the Karting Academy. You then need to complete the application form “NWKC Approved KAC" Application” found on the NWKC website documents page in the downloads section. There is a formal process for approval and it will take time for the applications to be processed so please allow plenty of time.

Do I have to be a NWKC Member to practice at the NWKC

No you don’t. You do however need a KA License so will need to be a financial member somewhere. If you wish to attend a Members Karting Event you will need to have a NWKC Approved KAC officiate the event.

As of January 1st 2024 a $25 practice fee at the NWKC venue for those not holding an eligible NWKC membership.

Can I take my mates to the track with me to try my kart?

Sure, As long as they have a valid KA license, register on the website for the event they wish to attend.

If they don’t have a license our come and try session would be perfect for them

Can I take any kart to the practice sessions?

Yes any kart that meets the rules as per the KA competition manual and is properly maintained is welcome. 

Can I drive any kart at the practice sessions?

You can drive any kart that your license allows. Just be sure you’re going out with the appropriate class as dictated by the official in charge.

Will the canteen be open on practice days?

Typically, no, however selected events have a limited menu canteen open or there may just be a BBQ held. These will be announced on the clubs Facebook page if they are to occur.

Can I take my friends and family to the venue to watch me?

For sure in fact we encourage it, we are a family sports club and welcome visitors with open arms. Please however ensure your guests are aware of the activities around them and the rules of the venue, last thing we want is for them to have a bad experience. However as friendly as we are with our pets the NWKC is a no pet zone, for our safety and theirs.

For further questions please email:

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